For Kids & Families

Every day, children with disabilities hear, “you can’t.” SOU tells them, “You can.”

On an SOU adventure, a boy who is blind can experience the thrill of a hunt. A girl who relies on a wheelchair can explore the depths of a forest. A child with cognitive disabilities can experience the simple joy of catching a fish.

On an SOU adventure, a caregiver can be just Mom or Dad. And a parent’s dream of harvesting that first buck or reeling in that first bass together can finally come true.

At an SOU event, no one is the “different kid.” And the only one worried about limits is the game warden.

Apply for an Adventure

The first step is creating an account for your child on the SOU website. You’ll use the account to apply for your child to participate in SOU events. If your child’s application is accepted, an SOU representative will be in touch with all the details about your upcoming adventure.

Register Your Child

When you have a child who has something ‘visible,’ someone is always looking at you. That reminder is like a gut kick. That’s our everyday life. But for that one weekend of the Super Hunt, your kid is just a kid. Their disability is not the most important thing about their life.

Jenny Kurts — Mother of Wyatt, a Super Hunt Participant