For Landowners

Host an adventure on your land – and in your heart.

SOU partners with landowners who provide the settings for unforgettable adventures.

In addition to sharing their property and hunting camps, landowners are encouraged to share their own passion for the outdoors.

Moments shared and memories made in nature often lead to relationships between landowners and children that last season after season.

By sharing a little of yourself and the land you love, you’ll help instill that same love in children who might otherwise never experience the outdoors.

Host an Event On Your Land

If you’d like to share your land and your time with a child, create an account on the SOU website. An SOU representative will contact you with information about events you could help host.

Register as a landowner

Whether it was being there for that first deer or attending one of my hunters’ high school graduations, it’s worth every second and every dollar I’ve spent to help get these kids involved in the outdoors. It’s all about the kids, and that’s the way it should be.

“Big Jay” Stokes — Landowner/Guide